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Beautiful or disgusting, simple or extraordinary things.
If I don’t see them, I imagine and give a form to my imaginations.
But most of the time what I see is perfect without my interruption.
So it all goes on a film. I shoot on a mid format.

For more than a decade I used to work at the theatre. I love theatre.
And when my passion for photography grew bigger than the rest of my interests, I started to create my own theatre. All the play fit in just one image. When I work on my “Magic” series, I take long exposure images ranging from twenty minutes to several hours of exposure. During that time I run around my object and paint it with lots of different colour flashes. So the film collects all the colourful  light into one picture and gives us a possibility to see all the scene on huge format prints.

I feel a lot of love for everything. Especially for people. I think we are incredible.
Every picture has to have a feel. And it does not mean, that people have to be in the image. Sometimes the touch of a human is enough to create the story. I’m very sensitive. Sometimes the surroundings with all the information and emotion take me to some sort of cosmos. I can become the spectator of the streets in NY or Peking, deserts in Morocco or Pakistan, mountains in India or South Africa, ghost towns in China, Indonesia, USA or Colombia…
I put it all on a film. The Feel, that I’ve been always searching for in my journeys.
But my heart always stays with my family. Love ya the most.

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